Are You Eating Enough Probiotics?

It’s that time of year that everyone is getting sniffly. Are you doing everything you can to stay healthy? If you’re not getting enough probiotics in your diet, you may not be.

If you’re unfamiliar with probiotics, I bet you’ve still seen the word in an advertisement and have wondered what it is. Probiotics are live microorganisms that help your body maintain healthy bacteria (and do wonders for your gut). They are frequently linked to improvements in gastrointestinal health.

Bacteria are everywhere, and similar to cholesterol, there are good and bad varieties. Probiotics can often be found in yogurt, tempeh, and kombucha, and many more fermented foods and drinks.

While we still need further research to conclusively draw the lines between digestion and probiotics, a 2012 study in the British Journal of Nutrition viewed 20 individual studies and drew the conclusion that probiotics are linked to a boost in immune response.

In the same manner that probiotics discern the good bacteria from the bad, the same is done for our immune system. As the probiotic bacteria interacts with your intestinal cells, the probiotics help to regulate the disease-fighting cells that help you stay happy and healthy!

We’re not saying you should switch to a full probiotic diet 24/7, but be mindful in adding a few more fermented foods to your diet! Your gut (and immune system) will thank you later.

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