Apples reduce aging…really!

Having been at ThirdLeaf NW for some time, I figured I had learned all the benefits to eating apples. What I’ve learned is I’ve only plateaued.

I clicked this list article, looking for bit of information to share with all of you and immediately learned about the anti-aging benefits of apples.

News to me.

According to a study the article references, “[Scientists] discovered that fisetin, which is found in apples, strawberries, cucumbers, persimmons and onions, had the strongest effects. “Administration of fisetin to wild-type mice late in life … extended median and maximum lifespan,” the researchers wrote. The tests also were run on human fat tissue to see if the results translated — and they did.”

That blew my mind. Follow the link to learn eight more things you may not have known about our namesake, the apple!

Happy Thanksgiving!