Healthy snacks can improve your wellness, life

We’re all about our fruit here at ThirdLeaf NW. Even after it’s no longer fruit we can find a use for it. What do we mean? Well, the best and most familiar example of this is raisins! Raisins pack a healthy punch and as far as healthy snacks go, they’re perfect for even the busiest person.

We choose to focus on raisins as a healthy snack because frankly, they get a bad rap. Most of us remember raisins as the little boxes shoved into our lunch boxes that we “had to eat” along with the rest of our lunch.

In the grade school cafeteria, raisins weren’t great trade fodder but they certainly would be if we knew then what we know now. Not only are raisins good, but the health benefits are greater than any of us realized.

These healthy snacks can improve your blood sugar levels and even help regulate your stomach. But that’s not all.

Raisins are a ‘superfood?’

Studies come out with increasing regularity about fruit reducing risk of cancer in people who get their recommended servings of fruit and raisins certainly make the list. However, raisins do more than just keep cancer away.

One of the best things about dietary fiber is that it takes longer to break down for nutrition than simple sugars. This is beneficial because it means you keep the feeling of being full, longer. It can help with your weight loss, less eating can often mean a lower caloric intake. That’s what we’re really looking for in the battle of the bulge, right?

We have raisins! We often put them in our wellness boxes and deliver them to offices. If you need more healthy snacks in your workplace we’d love to show you what we’ve got! We’re more than just snacks, we get the best seasonal fruit for our clients every week!