Why a wellness program is important to remote workers

Dealing with a remote office and its wellness program can be challenging. Logging in to social media these days can be something of a culinary minefield, too. It seems everybody is unleashing their newest loaf of bread or finally getting around to trying out those recipes they’ve been sharing. This has led to some of us packing on a few extra pounds with the summer coming up.

Part of that issue is the way we eat and snack when we’re at home. It’s easy to stay on schedule with our wellness program goals when we have a strict routine of when to get to the office and when we eat. Even still, many companies have snacks delivered to their offices to keep their employees focused and nourished.

A wellness program for home offices


When time meanders in the home office, some of that rigidity can go by the wayside. So what options do we have when it’s inadvisable to leave the house and we can feel the extra weight starting catching up with us?

Several companies around Seattle have reached out to ThirdLeaf NW about our home wellness plan which we’ve recently launched.

Normally our snacks and fruit get delivered to those offices where people can monitor and watch what they eat around their schedule.  Companies have adjusted the way they take care of their people. Rather than have fruit centralized in an office kitchen where people can freely select their single-serve fruit or snack, companies are sending home wellness boxes directly to their employees.

People who receive our home wellness boxes or fruit and veggie boxes receive a hand-selected assortment of fresh fruits and healthy individually-packaged snacks. Our delivery drivers take the orders directly to the recipient’s home and use touch-limiting delivery methods for safety’s sake.

If you would like to get on the wave of companies who are reallocating their office food budget directly to its workers get in touch with us. We’d love to help you take care of your people!