Your Sign to Get Active!

Okay, now that February is right around the corner, you’ve either completely fallen into a new routine or left your New Year’s resolution in the dust. If the latter is you, that is okay! Just because your initial goal is not working out does not mean you have lost all hope. Here are some fun ways to get motivated and active even if it’s not what you initially had in mind.


Sign up for a workout class

This may sound intimidating, but it’s a great way to get moving and meet new people! There are lots of gyms that offer free trials or discounted classes. You can sign up for any type of exercise from yoga or pilates to kickboxing or spin! Take a friend, and try something new!


Implement daily walks

We could all use a break from sitting at our desks, so even just walking a few blocks down the street during your lunch break is a form of movement! If you got up just 20 minutes earlier, you could walk about a mile before work. You can even buy under desk treadmills that allow you to walk while doing work at your desk.


Go to a new park or trail

If you live in the Seattle area, you know how lucky we are to have access to so many beautiful parks and trails within a short distance. Grab a friend or loved one and go for a walk along one of these paths! No equipment or intense hiking needed, just go for a stroll and look at the scenery.