Why Healthy Food Should Be Part of Your Employee Wellness Program

Employee wellness is more important now than ever as we return to the workplace. Choosing what to include in a comprehensive employee wellness program can be overwhelming, but there’s one aspect that we can guarantee will benefit you and your employees – healthy food!

Healthy foods boost productivity and creativity! It may sound odd, but think about it: when your stomach is growling, can you focus on anything else? Healthy food is energizing and satisfying, translating to better mood and focus.

Healthy and energized employees also save the company money. When employees are feeling their best, less money is needed to cover insurance costs and sick days. Additionally, healthy food will decrease money lost due to low productivity or correction of mistakes.

Beyond the physical benefits of healthy snacks, free food shows employees they are appreciated. According to a survey by Seamless, 57% of employees indicated that food-based perks make them feel more valued and appreciated by their employer.

The findings also showed that employees would be more likely to accept a job offer, eat at the office, and attend additional meetings if free food was regularly involved.

When people feel valued, they’ll feel better about being in the workplace. As we return to “normal”, a positive culture is vital to getting employees motivated to return to the office for the first time in over a year. Check out more tips on creating a positive office environment here.

If healthy foods are so important, you may be wondering: “What are the best options to provide at the office?”

The best foods for long-lasting energy are foods that break down slowly, also known as low-glycemic foods. Many fruits are low-glycemic and contain natural sugars that won’t cause a crash later. Apples, berries, and stone fruits are great energy-boosting snacks!

Additionally, nutrient-dense foods, such as fruits and vegetables, are great additions to the snack and lunch rotation. Foods high in antioxidants, such as vitamins A and C, support immune health and help protect employees from illness.

Ready to pack the office with healthy snacks yet? ThirdLeaf NW would love to supply your office with fresh, hand-selected fresh fruit and nourishing snacks each week. Your employees will love you for it!

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