What to Do With Your Leftover Food

No matter what holiday you celebrate, chances are it involves lots of food. It’s good to anticipate a large crowd, but more often than not, it feels as though we end up with more food than when we started. Don’t worry though, we’ve got you covered with some tips for reducing food waste after the holidays! Especially since November 29 is National Throw Out Your Leftovers Day!

“Best By” vs. “Use By”

Yes, there is a difference! “Best by” dates indicate when the product is at its peak freshness, but it can still be eaten after that date (with caution). Just because it’s not pretty anymore doesn’t mean it’s garbage. No one cares what a fruit or vegetable looks like in a soup or pie! “Use by” dates, on the other hand, should be followed more strictly. 

Freeze Your Food

The freezer is about to be your best friend. Freezing food keeps it safe and fresh for longer periods of time. Whether you bought too much, or just didn’t end up using all of it, throw it in the freezer to maintain freshness. This is especially useful for fruits and vegetables!

Get Creative and Reuse

It’s time to become the master chef you are and only use ingredients in your fridge for the next few days. There are about a million recipes you can use your leftover turkey in. Have lots of vegetables left over? Throw some broth in there for soup. The possibilities are endless!

Give Back to Your Community

We’re not saying to bring your half-eaten mashed potatoes to your local food pantry, but unopened cans or nonperishable items are great donations! Even if the food banks are full, maybe find a neighbor who you know spent the holidays alone and invite them to Thanksgiving 2.0! A little kindness goes a long way, especially during the holidays.