Ways to Go Green This Spring

When you think of going green, you might immediately think of eating food from your own garden or using less plastic. Though these are great ways to reduce your carbon footprint, this might not seem attainable for everyone (especially if you don’t actually garden). Here are some simple ways to go green this spring and also a few hacks you might not have thought of!

Yes, use less plastic

There are lots of simple ways to limit your single-use plastics. One of the simplest, get a reusable water bottle! There are so many different kinds with various lids or even ones that measure your daily water intake. Also, if you are still using plastic bags for your lunch, try a reusable container or reusable bags for your snacks! There are lots of options on Amazon or even your local Target store.

Have a clean, green picnic with friends

If you’re looking for ways to get outside and hang out with friends, have a picnic with friends! To make it eco-friendly, make sure to use compostable plates and silverware. Also, make sure you’re not using plastic straws! We’re still trying to save the turtles! Another idea is to bring your own towels as opposed to using throw-away napkins.

Collect rainwater

This one goes out to our readers with a green thumb! Instead of using your own water, collect rainwater in rain barrels so that when you go through a dry period without rain, you can use natural rainwater to water your garden. This preserves water and reduces your water bill! Talk about killing two birds with one stone!

Eat local

This doesn’t mean eating the food you grow (but if it does, kudos to you!). Try eating at restaurants that use locally-sourced ingredients. This is also beneficial for your health, since the food will not have added preservatives and is usually fresher. At ThirdLeaf NW, we always try to provide local produce to your office spaces for the freshest and most-delicious fruit options!