Vitamin C: More than just citrus

With the recent outbreak on everyone’s mind, people around Seattle are doing what they can to bolster their immune system. Of course it’s important to cover your cough and wash your hands but you can help your body fight off any potential infection or malady by tweaking your diet just a little bit.

It’s important to note that once you’ve already become sick, Vitamin C won’t help you get rid of a cold but it can help you keep yourself from becoming sick. We all know that oranges and other citruses are rich in Vitamin C but citrus isn’t the only way to benefit your immune system. Check out some other natural options which can help you ward off any illness that may try to come your way.

The other interesting thing about Vitamin-C is that it is a water soluble vitamin which means once your body can’t take any more, it will simply flush the excess amount with the rest of your bodily waste.  It’s also important to remember that every body is different and the recommended daily allowance can be different for each person. So, with that in mind we take a look at some other fruits that are high in the world’s most famous Vitamin!


Strawberries biggest secret is that they actually aren’t berries, they’re runners and their seeds are on the outside. Still, a cup of strawberries on its own is more than the RDA. Not only that, strawberries are great fruits to accompany others into your daily diet. That’s almost three times more Vitamin-C than strawberries closest (in vitamins) cousin, raspberries.


Kiwis catch a bad name. Mostly because they’re fuzzy. IF you can get past the fuzz by either rubbing it off or slicing it off, you’ll find a delicious fruit with a juicy payoff. They also go hand-in-hand with strawberries. If you’re planning on making a smoothie, than you really should add some kiwis to it to spike those C levels, they have almost 200% RDA in a single cup!


Bringing up the rear of this group is the tropical mango. Sliding in at 67%, mangoes are great on their own but also as medleys with other fruits. These fruits can be a little rough to eat on their own but when they’re ripe, there’s nothing like them.

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