Unique Benefits that WA State Employees Will Love

Unique employee benefits are key to retaining top talent and maintaining high employee engagement. Check out our list of benefits that Washington state residents will love!

Culture/Entertainment Benefits

  1. Local Business/Restaurant Vouchers – If there’s one thing Washingtonians love, it’s supporting local business, especially when it involves eating. Offer gift certificates to popular local businesses and restaurants as rewards for outstanding work!
  2. Passes to Local Museums – There are countless wonder-inducing museums across our state. But surprisingly, many locals may not have experienced all that they have to offer. Some popular destinations that everyone should visit at least once include Chihuly Garden and Glass, the Museum of Flight, and the Museum of Pop Culture.
  3. Seattle CityPASS – Sure, CityPASS is pretty touristy by nature, but that’s the beauty of it! If you have employees new to the area, this is a perfect way to welcome them and their families to the city. Even for lifelong Seattleites, this is a fun opportunity to rediscover the city they love. 

Wellness Benefits

  1. Pet Insurance – In WA and across the country, pet owners consider their fur-baby to be part of the family and take their wellness as seriously as that of a human family member. Go the extra mile for your employees by caring for their whole
  2. Commuter Benefits – Physical wellness meets environmental wellness. If commuting to your office is an option, offer a reimbursement or credit for employees to purchase a bike to commute. Take it one step further by offering a small bonus (≤ $5) each time they commute to and from work.
  3. Mental Health App Subscriptions – Apps such as Headspace and Day One Journal offer employees a mental escape whenever they need it. Help employees manage stress, and in return, you’ll see increased productivity and engagement.
  4. Healthy Snacks & Meals – Make healthy habits as convenient as possible for your staff. Fresh, high quality meals and snacks show employees you care and help people save money they might otherwise spend eating out. Click here to discover why ThirdLeaf NW’s service is the perfect way to support workplace wellness.
  5. Workout App Subscriptions – Home workouts are still more popular than ever. Support physical wellness by covering the cost of a workout app like Apple Fitness+, Fitbit Coach, or Peleton.

Fun Benefits

  1. Subscription/Gift Boxes – Make sure your employees feel appreciated at the office and at home. Send them monthly coffee, wine, cheese, books, and more! Gift boxes are also a great opportunity to support local businesses! The coffee subscription service Bean Box is based in Seattle and features coffee from roasters across the Northwest. Our Northwest Box also features a delicious variety of Seattle treats.
  2. Surprise Coffee Breaks – Who doesn’t love a good coffee break? Surprise employees every month or two with coffee catered to the office or send e-gift cards for them to go grab a cup on their own.
  3. Birthday PTO & Gift – Show employees they’re worth more than a mere grocery store cake at the office on their birthday. Give them the day off and send them a little treat like a cupcake or card.
  4. Half-days & Days Off – Offer half days or days off every other Friday and see how it boosts morale. One company that implemented a 4-day work week experienced a 40% increase in productivity, as well as lower electricity costs and use of resources at the office.

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