Unique & Affordable Team Events Your Staff Will Love

We’ve mentioned before on this blog how companies can motivate their employees through positive reinforcement (pizza!) and team events. Company BBQs are nice, but a little passe’ these days.  At ThirdLeaf NW, we took an evening and went to a Mariners game as a team event.

Heading to Safeco Field after work may not be logistically possible or maybe you’ve done it before. What now? These are some of the more unique (and inexpensive) options for showing your employees how important they are to you while keeping morale and company buy-in high.

A common mistake in planning company events is trying to overcomplicate things. The more convoluted a plan becomes, the less exciting it sounds. Keep it simple!

For instance, Beer aficionados will love a trip to Altstadt where private parties can experience some of the best Pioneer Square has to offer.

Altstadt offers local and German beer-tasting, open bar options and a full-service German-inspired menu. A warm atmosphere is sure to bring your crew together for an enjoyable evening.

Looking to take in a show? Over in the University District, Jet City Improv has been delivering improv to Seattle for over 25 years. JCI has been on University Ave. since 2003 and perform shows on a nightly basis.

JCI also hosts workshops which help build communication, creativity and camaraderie within a staff. Jet CIty has held events for Microsoft, Google and Amazon just to name a few.

People learn by doing and escape rooms are a fun way to see your people blossom and leaders take charge.

If you were stuck in a room and had only one hour to get out, would your team be equal to the task? FLEE Escape Games has two locations; one in the U-District and another in Redmond. The Seattle location features two different experience while Redmond’s location boasts five.

If you can’t get the team all together for an event, FLEE has you covered. With a wide variety of “on-site events” which include either a mystery booth or a mystery box for teams of two to seven to attempt completing.

Events require a minimum of 12 participants but FLEE also has standard rooms available for reservation if you can’t fill out your “escape squad.” No need to worry when you make your reservations, all bookings are private events so no interlopers will impede your progress or distract from the tasks at hand.

Kapow.com provides a great resource for other company outings if you have a particularly hard to please staff.

After you’ve gotten your team out and about, you can still show them how much you appreciate them with a free trial of healthy snacks from us! Click hereto start your free trial today!