ThirdLeaf NW Holiday Gift Guide


Leuchtturm1917 notebook, $19.95 (
Diffuser & essential oils, $39.95 (Amazon)
Give the gifts of organization and relaxation. Avid planners and journalers everywhere swear by the Leuchtturm1917’s durability and versatility. An essential oil diffuser will reduce stress and promote relaxation during those rare moments when the kids stop arguing.


Squishmallows ® 2020 Christmas Squad, starting at $11.99 (Amazon)
These adorable and squishy companions have become a bit of phenomenon with kids (and adults for that matter). This year’s Christmas squad is too cute to turn down, and each Squishmallow comes to life with its own unique name and personality.

The Big, Fun Kids Cookbook by Food Network Magazine, $15.49 (Amazon)
This New York Times Best Seller includes over 150 fun and kid-friendly recipes for breakfast, dessert, and everything in between. It also includes activities like food quizzes and coloring sheets for the times when your budding chef needs a break from the kitchen.


Hydro Flask water bottle, starting at $37.95 (Hydro Flask)
A water bottle may seem like an odd gift, but Hydro Flasks are another pop culture phenomenon beloved by teens. The durable, stainless steel bottles are perfect for on-the-go. The bottles come in a variety of colors to suit every picky teenager you might be buying for.

Fleece joggers, $55 (Nike)
With a nearly perfect 5-star rating, these pants are worth the price. The soft fleece is perfect for chilly days at home or at school. With this sleek design, wearing sweatpants in public has never looked so good. We give you permission to go ahead and gift yourself a pair of these too.

Employees & Work Friends

‘Tis the Season Box, $19.95 (ThirdLeaf NW)
The perfect small but thoughtful treat for your staff, coworkers, and desk neighbor. The box features delicious festive goodies that everyone will love like new crop Forelle pears and Seattle Chocolate truffles. You can even include a note for a personal touch.

The WFH Workaholic

Coffee mug warmer, $10.99 (Amazon)
This one goes out to all the work-from-homers who have started using ceramic coffee mugs again for the first time in years. Ceramic mugs are great, but they cool off quickly. Enter: the mug warmer. No more reheating coffee in the microwave.

The Comfy ®, $39.99 (The Comfy)
This mega-sweatshirt, also known as “The Blanket You Can Wear,” is perfect for the days when the video chat camera will remain off.  You may as well be bundled up in cozy sherpa and fleece while you type the day away.

Foodie Friend

Northwest Box, $65.00 (ThirdLeaf NW)
Treat the foodie in your life to a collection of local Northwest treats. Some of the local businesses included are Caffe Vita, Chukar Cherries, Seattle Granola, Recipe 33, and more. Give a great gift and support local, women-owned business. It doesn’t get any better than that!

Pet Parent

ChomChom hair remover, $24.95 (Amazon)
This is no ordinary lint roller. Pet owners can purge their furniture of stubborn hair and lint once and for all with this best-selling hair remover.

Custom pet socks, $19.99 (Etsy)
That pet-obsessed friend can now bring their companion with them everywhere! There’s no better way to show a pet parent you love them than getting their dog’s face printed on a pair of socks.

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