Tips to stay hydrated in the coming heatwave

When winter hits in the Pacific Northwest water it hits hard. What many outside of Seattle don’t realize is that the summer hits just as hard.

The summer often brings good tidings and good times but it also brings the threat of dehydration. “Stay hydrated” has become more of a buzzword than an actual recommendation but it still needs to be heeded.

According to the CDC, over 650 people die of heat-related causes every year and this summer is shaping up to be one of the hotter in recent memory, good reasons to stay hydrated.

So what if you can’t lug around one of those massive Hydroflasks or simply just don’t like the way water tastes? Well, fortunately we get hydration from more than just the water we drink.

Conventional wisdom would dictate that we are supposed to drink 64 oz. of water each day to maintain hydration. However, as we frequently allude to in this blog, wellness is a lot more personalized than that.

We’re highlighting some great ideas to help you stay hydrated as we get through June and face down the hottest months of the year.

Our favorite idea should be obvious looking at this list. Freeze some fruit and make them into popsicles! Not only will it cool you off from being frozen but you’ll get the juices from the fruit and a nice little snack without the added sugar.

It may be news to you but oatmeal is a great breakfast for staying hydrated. The water in the oats themselves doesn’t evaporate completely. Rather, it stays in the cereal and helps hydrate you that way.

Ever heard of a zoodle? It’s another fun food alternative and also helps keep you hydrated. Made from zucchini, zoodles hold a bunch of water and are a good alternative to regular noodles.

Looking for other ways to benefit your body and have the best summer possible? Well we can take care of the workplace. Let us bring a free trial to your office today!