ThirdLeaf NW is proudly a women owned business

The West Coast; and Seattle in particular, has always been an area of discovery and entrepreneurship. Recently, Seattle Business Magazine looked into the relative explosion of women owned businesses around Seattle. Not only are businesses sprouting up more frequently, but they’re sticking around longer too.

According to a study by personal finance firm SmartAsset, Seattle ranked in the Top-10 nationally in seven of eight categories outlining success in women owned. This led to Seattle being ranked No. 4 overall as a city to start a business in.

“In particular, the gross number of women-owned businesses and the percentage of women-owned businesses of total businesses rank well [in the Seattle area],” the study by SmartAsset concludes. “In 2016, there were 17,620 women-owned businesses in the Seattle metro area, the 11th-highest number overall, and 21.92% of all businesses were women owned, the ninth-highest percentage overall.”

Women owned is the way of the future


ThirdLeaf NW may not be “starting up” in the Seattle area, but we are proudly founded and owned by women. We have outlined in the past on this blog about how ThirdLeaf NW came to be and the particulars behind it but we wanted to highlight one particular passage from that post. ThirdLeaf now services about 300 offices in Washington, through a simple vision of making our state healthier, one local snack at a time.

For even more information on the state of women owned businesses in the United States, you can check out the American Express report.

Expanding to service that many clients speaks to one of the other factors that speak to whether or not a business is successful. ThirdLeaf NW has been in operation for more than 10 years now. This speaks to the city’s strength of business survival. Four out of every five women owned businesses in Seattle survive.

We’re doing more than just helping people survive though. We refuel and help people thrive through healthy snacks and fresh fruit! If you would like to see our operation at work, we can bring you a free trial and show you just what ThirdLeaf NW is all about!