The ThirdLeaf Story: How three WSU grads built their brand

The ThirdLeaf Story
How three WSU grads built their brand

ThirdLeaf, now renamed to ThirdLeaf NW was created by two entrepreneurial sisters in 2009. The sisters had just graduated high school in Yakima, WA and needed summer jobs. Rather than working for someone else, they remembered their father’s idea for a company that could deliver local fresh fruit to offices.

Since they had all summer, the sisters thought they would see if any offices in Yakima would be interested in fresh fruit delivery. The goal was to sign up 50 companies with a promise of delivery starting in September 2009. At the end of August, 35 businesses were on board. Rather than feel discouraged, Danielle and Megan decided to put a deposit down on a delivery van and launch the company anyway. The sisters figured they could sell ThirdLeaf on the side while attending WSU in the Fall.

After a few years of summertime cold calls, they knew they were onto something. The excitement of a young growing business interested Danielle’s friend from WSU, Lexi.

Upon graduation, the trio decided it was time to bring ThirdLeaf to the west side of the state. ThirdLeaf now services over 300 offices in Washington, through a simple vision of making our state healthier, one local snack at a time.

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– The Apple Lady