Stonefruit is taking over but what is it?

As the calendar turns into summer, it’s time for a new season of fruit! Thanks largely to global farming efforts, we’re able to get most every fruit at most any time. It’s awesome because we get all of our fruits out of season but it provides a false sense of growing seasons.

All this to say, it’s stone fruit season! We’ve hinted and teased at it for some time now but it’s finally here. So what does this mean? Well, if you’re a fan of peaches and nectarines then now is the time to celebrate.

Prior to this last week at ThirdLeaf NW, the only peaches we were seeing were imported and didn’t quite have the punch that we were looking for. This new crop delivers what the previous lacks.

This fruit is coming off of the tree flavorful and ready to eat. With the new fruit coming in, we wanted to dedicate this week’s blog to some fun information about the fruit we’re going to be seeing a lot more of in the coming months.

You may know that peaches have a pit, otherwise known as a stone (hence the name stone fruit.) What you may not know is that peaches and their ilk fall into two subcategories which are cling stones and freestones.

The difference is subtle and makes sense when one analyzes the name itself. Freestone peaches have a pit which is more-or-less loose inside the flesh of the fruit. Many peaches are cling stones which means the flesh of the fruit is stubbornly affixed to the stone itself.

A more common freestone is an apricot. These little fruits are so much more than a good way to exfoliate your skin. Somewhat temperamental, the apricot can trace its origins to before humans began recording our own history. Their flavor is a little harder to nail down because the weather and date harvested affects how tart or sweet they are.

If we’ve got your mouth watering for some of these delicious fruits, we can get them to you. We deliver fruit and healthy snacks to businesses all around the Puget Sound. We can bring you a free trial this week!