Winter fruit arriving, lead by satsumas

Winter brings unique challenges to fruit and vegetables. The frost and cold can bring an early death to crops. Some produce, though is able to thrive and come into season in winter’s doldrums. At ThirdLeaf NW, we make sure that all our fruit not only survive the winter but is meant to be winter fruit.

Treehugger released an article listing some of the crazy-looking fruits which come out in the winter. Don’t feel bad or be surprised if you haven’t heard of some of these strange fruits.

Satsumas made the list along with its strange brethren. What really makes satsumas stand out from this list is that we deliver them! Right now our satsumas are in businesses around the state. Their diminutive nature makes satsumas stand out among citrus.

The anti-cold winter fruit

It’s no secret that citrus is rich in immune system-buffering Vitamin-C. Satsumas will help you stand up to a cold but no other orange stands up to the physical cold like the satsuma. Satsumas can stand temperatures as low as 15 degrees. Most citrus trees will be damaged by temperatures falling into the mid-20s. This is especially astonishing when you consider trees with high yields are less-hardy than those producing fewer oranges.

Satsumas are easy-to-peel and when you get that peel off, the segments of orange split off easily and are ever-so-sweet.

On top of that, the satsumas we send out for delivery are shipped to us with the stem and leaves still attached which colloquially get called Stem & Leaf oranges around the warehouse. This also factors into the peel having some greenness in it.

Satsumas are certainly the most tame of the list which includes the finger lime, enormous pomelos and their counterpart, the miniature kumquat. We can bring some of these tasty little satsumas to your business with a free trial and you can try them for yourself!

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