Prioritizing Mental Health

At ThirdLeaf NW, health is at the core of our values. This usually comes across as healthy eating or wellness in the workplace, but both of these initiatives relate to mental health.

Since the start of the pandemic, the generality of anxiety and depression has increased over 25%. Due to this alarming rate, mental health awareness has become a normalized topic, especially in the the workplace and school setting.

As self-care is a growing trend, there are many strategies for relaxing and destressing. Eating regularly, getting enough sleep, and working out may seem like basic concepts, but they are the first step to wellness. One way to ensure you are accomplishing each of these tasks is by creating a routine and (the most important part) sticking to your routine. This may translate to prepping your meals for the week or not watching three hours of Netflix every night, but it’s a great way to figure out what your mind and body respond best to.

TikTok became popular at the peak of the pandemic, and with it came lots of trends, tips, and hacks for healthy lifestyles. Influencers on the app popularized methods of self-care and relaxation. There are videos for meditation, learning to work with the mind, or even journal prompts if writing allows you to organize your thoughts. These techniques are designed to help you focus on your needs and emotions.

Mental health is an umbrella of our “emotional, psychological, and social well-being,” according to the CDC. Each part is connected to the other, so it’s crucial to keep them all in check for your overall wellness.