Local produce is better…but why?

ThirdLeaf NW is unique in that we do what we can to bring in fruit which is fresh and local. The vast majority of our apples and pears come from Washington State and our oranges come primarily from California.

We brag about it but why is it important? According to wellness guru Jillian Michaels’ website, eating local is not only beneficial to your health but also to your pocketbook.

It’s an important thing to remember that you shouldn’t eliminate foods from your diet because they aren’t “in-season.” It’s a good rule of thumb to try to get more seasonal foods on your plate than not.

So what are the differences between buying local and imports and how do they affect you?

Right off the top there’s the nutritional value. Produce starts losing nutritional value shortly after it’s harvested. Simply put, the longer the journey the longer it takes. Fruit that has a shorter delivery from the farm to table have more nutrients than ones which have sat around longer or had to travel literally halfway around the world.

Working hand-in-hand with the nutrients is money. It makes sense, right? Less transporting means lower transportation costs. Those savings get passed along, especially if you purchase from a farmer’s market where produce is the freshest.

The article also lists out several different foods to consume and in which season to eat them. This is by no means a comprehensive list and readers should take their own locality into account when trying to source local produce.

As we mentioned, we have fresh, LOCAL fruit! We deliver fresh to business every week. Click here to get your free trial today!

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