Is your snacking lacking? Fix it with some healthy goods!

Working at a desk provides unique challenges with eating. Some contend that eating at your desk should be avoided at all costs and have their reasons why.However, if you just can’t get away from the work, sometimes you just need to have a snack right then, right there.

Studies seem to indicate that “working lunches” negatively affect overall productivity. In my personal life; however, I’ve found that having something to munch on while I’m getting work done creates a little kinetic momentum that I can capitalize on in the early afternoon.

If you’re like me, it can be challenging to make good choices, on the go, with limited timing. Besides, that candy bar had three food groups in it…right?

It’s easy to look in the vending machine and grab a bag of chips, but if you’re trying to improve your wellness these little sidetracks can add time to your journey. So what’s the best way to add some nutrition to your work day without tanking your wellness goals?

We mentioned staying away from the vending machine but these days companies have become more cognizant of a discerning consumer and are trending toward wellness so even vending machines are providing better options.

If you’re careful and cognizant of what you’re getting, you can avoid the snacktime minefield.

Whole grains top the list and it’s not surprising. The glucose in grain fuels your grey matter and is readily available in bars like Clif or Luna.

The list goes on to list several specific fruits and veggies; such as blueberries, kale, spinach, and beets. It sounds outlandish to be able to find so many healthy options but take a look at the ingredients on the backs of these snacks, healthy ingredients

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