How to Deal With Seasonal Allergies

Anyone else’s allergies really getting them right now? Allergy season can make going outdoors seem unbearable. In case you didn’t know, seasonal allergies occur when your body is hyper stimulated by something in the environment. As a result, your eyes and throat may become super itchy and inflamed. Here are some strategies for limiting the effects of seasonal allergies this spring.

First, reduce your exposure to all things nature. Yes, this may mean putting a hold on mowing the lawn and gardening. When you do go outside, try to avoid windy days since this will just blow the pollen around. Also, put on new clothes when you come back inside so that you are not tracking pollen around the indoors.

Another tip is to ensure the air inside your house is clean by using the air conditioner. It can also be helpful to use a dehumidifier to keep the air dry inside. Along with clean air comes a clean living space. Make sure you are vacuuming often to get rid of any pollen that may have followed you inside! It’s also important to keep yourself clean with extra showers and hair washing during this time.

Of course, there are also over-the-counter remedies for treating allergies. Though if your allergies persist, make sure to ask your doctor about other alternatives for combating allergies this season!