How do we get the freshest fruits at the best time?

William Cowper writes “Variety is the spice of life that gives it all its flavor” in his 1785 poem “The Task.” It’s an oft-echoed axiom that motivates people to try new things and broaden their horizons.

Occasionally we get questions from our clients about our in-house processes. Over the next couple weeks we’re going to get into that as we ramp up toward rebranding to ThirdLeaf Northwest.

Apples and oranges are delicious and among our favorite fruits but they aren’t at peak flavor throughout the year. Maybe Cowper imagined people eating the same thing every day. We do what we can to combat falling into a food routine.

We source our fruits from the nearest-possible distributor. This is why we have fresh Washington apples in the fall, oranges in the winter and additionally summer stonefruits like peaches and nectarines.

Every piece of fruit that comes through our warehouse and goes out for delivery is inspected individually, by hand. Only after they pass our visual and flavor testing do fruits make it out for delivery.

This isn’t limited to our fruit. In addition, the individually-packaged snacks and refrigerated snacks are on rotation as well. Our flavors and options are always changing and undergoing quality control to make sure we’re giving our clients the best possible experience.

We can show you in person how our processes work. Click here if you would like us to come out and give you a free trial!

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