Hey Washington, Welcome Back to the Workplace!

The great office comeback has begun!

For a whopping 15 months, it has felt like this day might never come. But we’re thrilled to see office doors open wide and break rooms buzzing with activity once again!

You may be wondering: Is everyone actually ready to come back?

Recent research shows employees are progressively growing more comfortable with the idea safely returning to work. While it started as a slow trickle, full offices are trending upward rapidly in recent weeks.

It appears most workplaces will be back to “normal” soon, but will the office feel like it did before?

While many people agree that the role of the office is not the same as it was pre-pandemic, it still remains central to relationship-building and collaboration amongst co-workers.

It’s true that some employees may not be eager to give up their work-from-home life, so many companies are implementing hybrid work models where employees will still be in the office at least part-time.

Whether you’re returning to fully in-person operations or a hybrid style, you may need some extra motivators to get your employees back in the office. Healthy, free food is one great perk that is sure to encourage your staff to return!

Fresh fruit and nutritious snacks support employee health and wellbeing, which is vital to maintain as everyone returns to the office. A CNBC survey of top executives across the US indicated that employee health & wellness is their top concern as they craft return-to-work plans.

The second most important category to executives at this stage is employee productivity. In addition to supporting physical health, nutritious food supports mental wellbeing and has been shown to help boost mood, focus, and productivity.

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If you’re ready to welcome your employees back to the office and keep them healthy, order a fresh fruit spread today! Our delivery routes are filling up, so be sure to secure your spot soon.

We’re so glad to see you back in the office, and we can’t wait to serve you!