gr8nola makes an impact in wellness boxes, industry

Women’s History Month is upon us and we at ThirdLeaf would like to take a moment to highlight one of our suppliers which is owned by a woman and share a little about a new product we put in our wellness boxes.

Erica Liu Williams left an internship at Yahoo! to start her own business in the food industry gr8nola. While it may have started as a side project for Williams while attending Stanford on a swimming sponsorship.

Williams said that the hardest part of getting her business off of the ground was just believing that she had the ability to do so and launching herself 100% into gr8nola.

Williams calls herself a “girl boss” and by her own definition, a girl boss is a woman who is 1) true to herself/values 2) driven towards the life she desires, on her own terms and 3) owns her outcome.

For more from the owner of gr8nola you can find her blog here. She explains herself in greater detail there and answers some interesting questions about starting a new business.

Gr8nola will be making its first appearances this week in your wellness boxes so make sure to let us know what you think. If you aren’t getting wellness boxes yet, we can certainly bring them to you.

If you don’t even have our service yet, we can show you what it’s all about. Click here to have a free trial at your workplace!