Five Fruity Ways to Sweeten Your Valentine’s Day

Who doesn’t love Valentine’s Day? Okay, admittedly a lot of people. Luckily, you don’t have to like the holiday to enjoy the best part– the food!

Holiday celebrations also don’t have to derail you from your healthy goals. There are plenty of ways to enjoy the festivities with healthier sweets.

Check out five easy and healthy Valentine’s recipes below!

Classic combos like strawberry-banana and raspberry-white chocolate will blend up to a beautiful shade of pink, putting you in a loving spirit right from the start of your day. If you’re feeling fancy, dress up your drink with a cute straw and sprinkles on the rim of the glass!

Apple Roses
Send your significant other a bundle of roses that are sweeter than the real thing. Beautiful and edible, these apple roses are guaranteed to melt their heart. After all, they do say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Don’t worry, they’re a lot easier to make than they look. Learn how to make them here!

Chocolate Strawberries
A Valentine’s Day without chocolate-covered strawberries is a Valentine’s Day wasted. Try making them instead of buying them this year! It’s an easy recipe to make with kids. Plus, you can customize the dessert with your chocolate of choice and toppings like sprinkles and drizzle!

Love Monster Energy Bites
Give your little monsters some festive fuel for their day with these adorable energy bites made with nut butter and oats. Fun for the kids, delicious for everyone. Get the recipe here!

Fruit Fondue
More like fon-duh. It’s a Valentine’s staple! Fondue doubles as both dessert and an activity, great for the family or your “galentines.” It’s quick to throw together with your favorite sliced fruit and melted chocolate.


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