Everything to Know About Washington’s Apples

Washington state is the leading producer of apples in the United States dating back to the 1920s. Now that September is here and the leaves are falling, our favorite harvest is back in season!

The majority of Washington’s apple harvests consist of Gala (20%), Red Delicious (14%), Honeycrisp (14%), Granny Smith (13.4%), and Fuji (12.7%). Washington is also the only state that grows and harvests Cosmic Crisp apples, though this variety only makes up 4.6% of the annual harvest.

Since apples are Washington’s biggest agricultural product, there are over 175,000 acres of orchards throughout the state. Six out of every 10 apples come from Washington!

Along with tasting amazing, apples provide many health benefits. They are rich in fiber (which aids digestion), antioxidants, and lower the risk of chronic diseases. Apples are also beneficial for your brain, gut health, and immune system, so make sure you’re loading up on them as we head into cold and flu season!

The best part about all these apples is the delicious recipes you can make! Autumn is a time for apple cider, apple pie, apple crisp, and so many more. Even if baking isn’t your thing, be sure to enjoy the apple varieties included in your ThirdLeaf NW weekly office eats!