Easy Decor for Your Friendsgiving Party

How is Thanksgiving less than two weeks away?! The holidays are in full swing, ready or not. If you have the pleasure of hosting Friendsgiving, or even your family Thanksgiving, we’ve got you covered with some easy decorating ideas to spruce up your space!

Mini Pumpkins + Gourds

This perfect fall staple is cheap and has easy clean-up – say less! You can purchase mini pumpkins at your local Trader Joe’s or any grocery store. Miniature gourds are also a great addition to add to the pumpkin patch vibes. If you’re stopping by the grocery store, especially Trader Joe’s, make sure to pick up some delicious fall treats.

Wreaths, Garland + Leaves

Festive garland and leaves are a perfect (and inexpensive) option to bring some fall colors to your home! Head to your local craft store for the largest display of faux, fall bouquets, leaves, wreaths and more. You could put orange, yellow, and red flowers in a box for your front porch or even string garland across your mantle or staircase railing. The possibilities are endless! 

For The Dinner Table

The place it all comes down to is the dinner table. If you want to really impress your guests, bringing the fall spirit to your table is way easier than you might think! For lighting, grab a few mason jars and fill them with fairy lights. Of course, one big fall scented candle somewhere in the room will give it that fresh, autumn aroma. Pick out some simple, solid-colored place mats because the napkins will be the star of the show! Stores like Target and HomeGoods have some great, affordable cloth napkins that will really tie it all together. Add delicious food to the equation and you’ll be hosting the dinner party of the year!