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Lunch Delivery Seattle

Eating healthy in the workplace is not always simple. That’s why ThirdLeaf NW is expanding our healthy office snack delivery to healthy lunch delivery to Seattle offices as well.

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We are working to finalize and update our lunch delivery options on our website. ThirdLeaf is already known for providing healthy office snack delivery to 300 Seattle-area businesses. That success has prompted us to provide healthy lunch delivery options as well. If you’re tired of snacking on unhealthy choices from the vending machine or local fast food place, give ThirdLeaf a try. ThirdLeaf lunch options include:

  • Fresh fruit
  • Nutritious snacks
  • Delivered directly to you!
  • Stocked directly into your office fridge
  • Various size orders—order a few to enjoy throughout the week


Office Lunch Seattle

Office lunch is something you have to think about a lot. Why not make it simpler by scheduling an office lunch delivery from ThirdLeaf instead of brown-bagging it or eating from the vending machine or local fast food place? Your time is valuable, and having office lunch taken care of can reduce your daily stress. We pride ourselves on healthy and local apples and in-season produce as well as other healthy alternatives to the typical office lunch. Your wellness and health matter, and a healthy, nutritious lunch can go a long way in your steps to a healthier life. A lunch from ThirdLeaf offers the following:

  • Alternative to sugary snacks and drinks
  • A heart- and brain-healthy office lunch
  • A step toward weight maintenance
  • Cost-effective alternative to other office lunch options

Office Lunch Delivery (Seattle)

Office lunch delivery in Seattle from ThirdLeaf is a healthy and affordable alternative to other office lunch delivery options. We are committed to providing fresh apples, in-season fruit, and other healthy snacks that will contribute to your health and wellness. You’ll feel better equipped to be productive in the workplace with a fresh, healthy lunch, delivered directly to you! Call (206) 682-1268 to take care of your office lunch delivery in Seattle. We make office lunch delivery in Seattle healthy and convenient. Contact us to learn more! It’s not just any food delivery service in Seattle that will make you and your team healthier! Some of ThirdLeaf’s other great offerings include:

  • Healthy office catering for meetings and events
  • Snack box delivery
  • Lunch box delivery (coming soon)
  • Fresh fruit delivery to your office