Refreshing Fruit Popsicles

As summer reaches its peak, finding ways to cool off and feel refreshed can be a challenge. Whether you’re lounging by the lake, heading to the beach, or strolling through your local park, we’ve got the perfect solution for beating the heat: homemade fruit popsicles! These delicious, easy-to-make treats are packed with natural flavors and

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What to Plant in July

July is one of the most beautiful months of the year, kicking off with the excitement of the 4th of July fireworks and continuing to offer fantastic weather for lake days and beach trips. But what about those days in between? Gardening is the perfect way to get outside and make the most of the

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Why You Should Shop Local

When it comes to grocery shopping, most people head to large supermarkets where they can find everything they need at a low price. While this convenience is appealing, it often comes at the expense of local businesses striving to survive in challenging economic times. Shockingly, around 18% of small businesses fail within their first year

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Workplace Wellness

When evaluating a job opportunity, one of the first things people consider is the workplace environment and company culture. In today’s competitive landscape, creating a positive and engaging culture has become a top priority for businesses. In this blog, we’ll explore strategies that companies can implement to enhance their culture and ensure a healthy, thriving

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Brain Food

As a society, we are becoming increasingly more comfortable discussing mental health and how we manage it. People have developed various strategies to help cope with their mental health, including physical activity, talking to someone, and listening to music. But did you know that diet can also play a crucial role in stabilizing and maintaining

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How Eating Fruit Can Help Your Skin

When people think about skincare, their minds typically jump to beauty products like cleansers and serums. While these products are fantastic for making step-by-step routine videos on TikTok, they’re not the only way to clear up and revitalize your skin. Today, I’m introducing a new step to your skincare routine: fruit!   You’ve probably heard

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Debunking Fruit Myths

This week we’re debunking common fruit myths, and there are actually more than you may think. We’ve all had the classic debate of whether a tomato is a fruit or a vegetable, but there are a lot more where those came from. Follow along to learn the truth behind some fruit misconceptions. Strawberries are not

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