Can what you eat impact your productivity?

You’ve heard you are what you eat, but what if you work like you eat? Turns out, the foods you eat can impact your productivity and focus throughout the workday.

How does that work? For starters, we humans get our energy from glucose. Our blood glucose levels affect how well we perform physically and mentally.

The food we eat is broken down into glucose so it can enter our bloodstream and fuel our bodies. Different foods break down at different speeds, and thus impact our blood glucose levels at different speeds as well.

Studies show that when we fuel ourselves with foods that break down slower, also known as low glycemic foods, we can experience longer-lasting energy. In the office, long-lasting energy translates to increased productivity and focus!

When food breaks down quickly, glucose levels spike to provide a short burst of energy, which is often followed by a crash. Highly processed foods and artificial sugars often fall into this category. That honey bun in the vending machine may look tempting now, but the short-term boost is not worth the crash.

When food breaks down slowly, it provides a steadier source of glucose and often results in longer-lasting energy. So, what are some yummy, slow-digesting foods? We’re so glad you asked.

Some of the most common low glycemic foods are fruits, non-starchy vegetables, nuts, beans, and whole grains.

It’s no secret that we here at ThirdLeaf NW love fruit. Fortunately, many of the fruits you already know and love are great sources of long-lasting energy. Apples, berries, and stone fruits are all great sources of natural sugar that break down into glucose much slower than processed sugar.

Fun fact: The natural sugars in one apple can give you just as much energy as a cup of coffee! Try your apple with nut butter for an extra flavor and energy boost.

Many delicious breakfast foods provide long-lasting energy, including whole grains, eggs, and Greek yogurt. They don’t call it the most important meal of the day for nothing! Check out our Breakfast Box for everything you need to start your day off fueled and focused.

All in all, everything you eat will affect your energy in different ways. Smart choices can lead to feeling and working better, but don’t stress over what is perceived as “right” or “wrong.” Simply choosing to be mindful of how different food choices impact your energy is a great place to start!

We’ll always be here with a fridge of fruit and a basket of healthy snacks when you feel like you need a boost!

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