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Study: The key to happiness at work is free snacks

Free snacks at work help retain great employees, keep staff motivated and increase workplace satisfaction. Don’t believe me? See the real studies supporting these claims below. The Pizza Study “It is Monday morning. You have just arrived at work, and you get one of the following three emails, each promising a different reward if you…

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The ThirdLeaf Story: How three WSU grads built their brand

The ThirdLeaf Story How three WSU grads built their brand ThirdLeaf, now renamed to ThirdLeaf NW was created by two entrepreneurial sisters in 2009. The sisters had just graduated high school in Yakima, WA and needed summer jobs. Rather than working for someone else, they remembered their father’s idea for a company that could deliver…

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5 Inexpensive Workplace Wellness Ideas

Simple changes make a big impact. In order to have a successful Workplace Wellness program, you don’t need to eliminate all bad foods, or revamp your entire office culture. A few small changes can make a HUGE difference. Make Junk Food Harder To Find You many have heard about the trick Google used to save…

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