Are you nuts about trail mix?

A co-worker sent me an article about which nuts are most nutritious and cheapest thinking I could use it to write this week’s blog.

So naturally, I started looking into the information and while informative it was raw information. That can be a little rough to try sharing and keep it interesting. So I spent some time trying to figure out what I could do with this information because it is valuable.

Immediately, I thought of trail mix. We already send out the wildly-popular Roberts Ferry Nut Company’s Sweet & Spicy Trail Mix in our wellness boxes but if you’re looking for a way to get that little boost at home, this information is helpful to maximize your energy and maintain your wellness!

I hadn’t ever made trail mix before I put this blog together. This was largely because I had been passively persuaded to believe that putting together seeds and nuts was high-level alchemy I could only dream of. How wrong I was!

It’s even easier with Wisebread’s list of nuts, considering I can basically make a recipe in the comfort of my own home. You don’t have to stand in the nut

According to The Healthy Maven, trail mix really only requires four different ingredients (nuts, seeds, dried fruit, filler.) Coincidentally, you can remove the filler (chocolate, M&M’s, popcorn) to get even healthier, but if you’re making a top-notch trail mix…treat yourself.

One benefit I hadn’t considered with creating trail mix is you can source your ingredients the way you would like to.

Buying pre-packaged means you aren’t completely sure where all the ingredients came from. No need to worry about that when you are the one buying the ingredients!

To be fair, time is at a premium and many people don’t have the time to make trail mix. For those people, we recommend getting one of our free trials at your office this week!