A personal trainer takes on back pain

It’s not always about fruit and snacks here at Holgate & Occidental. We realize that a balanced diet is but a small part of your overall wellness. However, even the healthiest person feels that twinge in their back and the years seem to catch up with us all.

Regardless of what you do throughout the day, it’s nearly impossible to do without using your lower back at least a little bit. The muscles in our backs stabilize our bodies and even help us walk, so it’s not unreasonable to come home with a sore back after a day at work.

“Day in and day out, you’re probably texting, hunching over a computer at work, or carrying your kids, all of which pull your shoulders and neck forward,” says Larysa DiDio, a personal trainer who writes for prevention.com. “As a result, your chest tightens and your back muscles get weaker.”

But what if you could eliminate lower back pain? Well, DiDio believes that one simple workout can help tighten up your back muscles and maybe alleviate some of that pain.

Introducing the lunge to single arm row! While it’s challenging to say, working it into your routine or simply adding the row to your day could go a long way in boosting your overall wellness.

DiDio adds a lunge to the workout specifically because it targets the glutes and leg muscles which help stabilize and aid the back. The article itself lists the specific movements and how to isolate your muscle groups unilaterally.

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