How to add fruit to your New Year’s wellness resolutions

It’s the home stretch of 2019! For many around the Pacific Northwest and the country, New Year’s wellness resolutions aren’t far from their minds. Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners can add a few pounds just as easily as eating another slice of pie, but with a new year comes new beginnings.

Get your New Year’s wellness in order

We recommend improving your wellness as a whole, rather than one facet of it. No change in diet is truly effective until you start burning more calories than you intake. This is why it’s important to pair a good fitness program along with dietary changes.Perhaps you already have a good workout routine and are simply looking to add more whole foods to your diet. This article discusses six ways to get more produce in your diet thanks to a conversation with Heather Mangieri, a nutrition consultant and spokeswoman for the American Dietetic Association.

Mangieri illustrates the simplest way to eat more fruits and veggies, put them where you can see them! It’s a simple case of out-of-sight, out-of-mind. When you put your apples or other fruit into the crisper they stay fresh longer.

If you do want your produce to last longer than normal, feel free to freeze it! Misconception surrounds frozen fruits and veggies. Chiefly among those is the belief that canned or frozen goods have fewer nutrients in them than fresh food.

Not true! As a matter of fact, frozen berries and other fruits make great smoothies and can add some hidden fruits into your daily diet.

See it, eat it

You wouldn’t your produce to last longer if you ate it sooner. A fruit bowl on the counter makes them easier to see and thus easier to eat. Fruit in the office makes it easier too. Utilize your companies snack delivery service to eliminate some of the oils and grease traditional snacks present to help you stay on track in a quick and easy way.We offer fresh fruit and healthy snacks as part of our delivery service. We would love to bring you a free tasting for your office to help keep your wellness goals at the top of mind!

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