5 Inexpensive Workplace Wellness Ideas

Simple changes make a big impact.

In order to have a successful Workplace Wellness program, you don’t need to eliminate all bad foods, or revamp your entire office culture. A few small changes can make a HUGE difference.

Make Junk Food Harder To Find

You many have heard about the trick Google used to save their staff 3.1 million calories…They swapped their clear M&M’s jars for opaque ones. People will eat what they can see, plain and simple. For the complete Google story, click here.

Provide Good Quality Fruit

There is nothing sadder then a bowl of bruised bananas and wrinkled oranges sitting in your office. Do you really expect your employees to choose tasteless, damaged fruit over a bag of chips? If you can’t control the quality of the perishables items in your office, you may as well skip them all together. A variety of consistently fresh, great tasting, local fruit will not only look great, but it will entice your employees to eat it! If you wonder why your office runs on junk, maybe it’s because your “healthier” options just aren’t up to par.

ThirdLeaf NW (a local Seattle fresh fruit delivery service) can prove this. They have transformed typically unhealthy offices in industries like construction, welding, gaming and more by simply offering hand stocked great tasting fruit. If you don’t believe your employees would value fresh tasting fruit, take ThirdLeaf Northwest up on their offer for a free trial and see the response in your office.

Schedule Walking Meetings

Walking is a completely free way to energize your staff, making your employees more productive throughout the day. A top-down approach works great to implement this change. Two 15-minute walks per day is shown to increase company productivity by 30%! Get the full study here.

Order Healthier Catering Options

Your office may be a fan of the local pizza joint delivery, but we think it’s time to try something new. Everyone loves free food, so it’s highly likely that your employees will eat whatever meal you choose for them. For a list of the 10 Best Healthy Catering companies in Seattle, click here.

Pay For Employees To Enter A Local Race

This will do two things: Motivate employees to workout AND promote your business as a philanthropic, healthy company. Most local races donate their proceeds to charities, so it’s really a win-win. Take it one step further and brand workout tee’s with your company logo. Since most people tend to do some training before a big race, this will encourage weeks or even months of consistent exercise from most employees. Another perk is the camaraderie between employees who may decide to train together and/or encourage one another. Take a look at Seattle Runs website for local races in the area.

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